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Meet Scott Fedyshyn
Educational Background

East Carolina University

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, December 2002

     • Financial Services Concentration

Masters of Science in Accounting, December 2004

     • Health Care Administration Concentration

     • Taxation Concentration

Licenses / Credentials

BS, Business Administration, 2002

MSA, Masters of Science in Accounting, 2004

CPA, Certified Public Accountant, NC #32243, 2006

     • Scored in the 90s on 2 of the 4 tests

CMA, Certified Managerial Accountant, #29434, 2008

CFM, Certified Financial Manager, #4798, 2008

LSSYB, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, 2010

CFP®, Certified Financial Planner, #265998, 2016

CTC, Certified Tax Coach, 2017

Life Insurance, NC #16659416, 2017

FINRA Investment Advisor, CRD #6803187, 2017

CTP, Certified Tax Planner, 2018

CTS, Certified Tax Strategist, 2021


PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“Exceptional” (highest) peer review performance rating 2006, 2007

National Chairman’s Award winner, Client Service 2006, 2007

National Knowledge Sharing Campaign Award, 2007

National Chairman’s Award nominee, Coaching and Development 2006, 2007

Nominated to join PwC’s Genesis Park, the Washington DC based “Think tank”, an invitation only group for the firm’s top performers

Employment Experience

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 2005 – 2008

Tax Projects Delivery Group (TPDG)

Tax Specialization: Cost segregation, FAS 109, Like Kind Exchange, Accounting Method Changes, CapEx, Process Improvement, Technology Programming and Deployment, Tax Research and Strategy Design TPDG is an exclusive and demanding “SWAT Team” of respected tax experts that deliver high-profile and high benefit tax reduction solutions to large multi-national corporations. I managed projects that drove 9-figure tax deductions, and supervised three of the largest financial restatements in US history, performing forensic accounting analysis on deferred tax balances (FAS 109), in the billions of dollars. A high performing workflow, technology implementation, and efficiency expert I also implemented automation solutions and process improvement procedures, literally writing the accounting operations manual for a Fortune ranked office supply company. Tax preparation time decreased by 1,500 hours annually. I frequently had access to the highest levels of C-suite corporate governance, working directly with CFO’s and Senior VP level client representatives to deliver tax consulting solutions with material financial statement impacts.

Delivered tax reduction projects including

$117,000,000 depreciation study to a Fortune 10 bank

$260,000,000 like kind exchange implementation to a Fortune 500 equipment rental company

$100,000,000 depreciation and CapEx study to a Fortune 10 bank, overseeing a $400M Tier 4 datacenter build

Deloitte Tax LLP 2008-2010

National Federal Tax Services (NFTS)

Strategic Tax Advisory Team (STAT)

Tax Specialization: Cost segregation, Accounting Method Changes, CapEx, Revenue Recognition and Expense Accrual Methods, Technology Programming and Deployment, Tax Research and Strategy Design

One of only 3 individuals in the United States appointed to the national Tax Technology Team, responsible for developing tax strategies, programming and deploying implementation tools, and providing national trainings on strategic tax reduction opportunities and proprietary technology. 

$420,000,000 in tax reduction projects designed and implemented, across a variety of industries.

Electrolux North America 2010-2013

Corporate Tax Analyst & Process Improvement 

Working internally for a large multinational corporation, my primary focus was managing the technology and tax compliance filing services. I was appointed the Corptax administrator, and implemented efficiency processes to clean up hundreds of thousands of lines of coding to integrate more with JDEdwards. I also ran the BNA tax projection software in negotiations with the IRS on significant audit issues and negotiations. 

Developed knowledge areas around tax compliance filings, with international, national, and multi-state operations and apportionment. 


Duke Energy 2013-2014

Manager of Special Projects

One of my primary responsibilities in this role was to oversee the consolidated filing of the US tax return, and act in a project management role to coordinate the rollup of hundreds of individual entities, with a distributed staff pool consisting of internal employees, an outside international accounting firm, and global staff resources. I led weekly update meetings with Sr and VP level employees and coordinated tasks among departments to ensure a timely and successful filing. 

Along with the filing of the return, I was the main planner and architect of large scale tax project implementations. This included the implementation of the 1,000+ page Tangible Repair Regulations, and working with dozens of subsidiaries to integrate that new reporting standard. 

During the Tangible Repair Regulations, which were largely uncharted territory, I was responsible for the planning, design, and recommending approaches to inventory and map hundreds of thousands of miles of electric distribution assets, and negotiate directly with the author of the regulations at the IRS an acceptable approach to implementing the new law.

It was also my responsibility to identify and prioritize tax planning / reduction initiatives and work with the VP of Tax to implement savings strategies. Any tax laws, changes, or projects with an estimated financial statement impact of $100,000,000 or more were required to go under our direction and review. I worked hand in hand with the Finance Program Office, which carefully managed project implementations with rigorous standardization with PMBOK, which I gained significant experience and qualified to take the PMP exam as a professional designation in project management. 

I presented strategy and financial recommendations to Senior level Vice Presidents, in both the tax and finance departments, and even the CEO of Duke Energy.

The estimated tax reduction impact on project implementations during my tenure at Duke Energy was in excess of $200,000,000.


M. Scott Fedyshyn CPA PLLC 2010-2014

Tax Reduction Consultant and Tax Compliance

I launched my own firm to provide tax consulting to individuals as I also managed my daytime responsibilities. In the beginning I would only review tax returns, and was paid based solely on the filing of any refund claims. As my skills progressed at the individual level from my previous experience at the Big Four, almost every tax return I found opportunities to get refunds.

This consulting activity ultimately expanded into filing ongoing tax compliance services, and adding bookkeeping and payroll. The business quickly grew organically, and in 2014 I quit my job to buy a CPA firm and work for myself permanently.

Watson, Triplett & Associates PLLC; 

Watson Fedyshyn & Associates PLLC; 

Fedyshyn CPA Group PLLC 2014-Current

Tax & Accounting Compliance

I purchased a CPA firm in Shelby, NC in October 2014 and merged my existing clients into the firm. The firm had been around several decades through various mergers and was well known and respected in the community. At the time of purchase, we filed approximately 1,500 tax returns annually, and serviced approximately 200 monthly accounting and payroll clients with a highly trained and efficient staff of 5 full time and 2 part time employees.

As time passed, I have transitioned this firm from a local focused, compliance based commodity provider of basic services, to a nationwide presence in tax consulting capability. Tirelessly working to develop relationships with the best and brightest subject matter experts and tax project implementation teams in the country, I developed a skillset and resource base to expand nationally. Bringing in additional value added services, tax planning, financial planning, sophisticated life insurance design for high net worth individuals, has led to robust growth in overall employee and client satisfaction, less headcount, and increased revenues.


Fedyshyn Financial Group, LLC 2017-Current

Principal, Lead Insurance and Financial Design Consultant

Fedyshyn Financial Group is the entity that provides the design and delivery of fixed insurance and annuity based products, that integrate perfectly into tax plan designs and leverages the efficacy above what is traditionally achievable. 

Strong tax planning, integrated with the security and guarantees inherent in appropriate insurance and annuity design, gives our comprehensive planning team an unbeatable edge in the market.

Also, with the accumulation leverage that can be achieved with properly structured premium finance insurance designs, we provide superior accumulation and net worth building strategies that are impossible to replicate otherwise, without extraordinary risk taking.


Redwood Tax Specialists, LLC 2019-Current

Principal, Lead Tax Design and Implementation Expert

Since partnering with career financial advisor and coach Bill Hall in 2019, we have quickly expanded to almost 300 locations hosting our managing directors. Redwood provides wholistic financial education and services to those that pay in excess of $150,000 a year in taxes, or has a net worth of at least $5 million.

Specializing primarily in tax reduction planning with access to hundreds of strategies, Redwood creates custom tax reduction, long term savings, and wealth transfer plans for clients, generating return on investment and asset accumulation in a manner that far exceeds traditional means, by ensuring the effective management of taxes.

Redwood Private Wealth, LLC CRD# 312942 2021 - Current

Principal & CFO, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Redwood Private Wealth is one of the fastest growing RIA's in the country, with over $300 million in assets under management within its first six months of launch, and growing at about $100 million a quarter. Blending the unique services of asset management, wealth management consulting, and tax reduction planning, all under one roof has created exceptional demand for these comprehensive advisory services.

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