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Redwood puts the decision in your hands to opt for our Turn Key, Done-For-You Business System.

This choice opens up the chance for you to direct your attention towards business expansion and strategic planning, freeing you from the demands of everyday operations. In the role of a Redwood Managing Director, your primary duty revolves around mastering our processes, protocols, and approaching your business as an entrepreneur, rather than being engrossed in hands-on technical tasks.

My Tax Design App

We are in specific markets for specific reasons ... -Retired and about to retire -Established and high income business owners -Affluent families -Instant Inheritance and lottery winners -Specific tax designs for high networth businesses and families with 10 million+
Weekly calendar events include... -How to follow up with Accountant leads -How to generate annuity, life and AUM sales through Wills and Trust -Why non securities licensed persons should have a solicitors agreement if offering Wills & Trust software support for estate planning attorneys. -How to sell CBA memberships to generate annuity, life and AUM sales -How to start funding living trust
Our done for you turn-key process includes ... -All appointments from discovery to servicing all aspects of your clients -Financial planning case Design -Tax Reduction -2nd opinion tax reduction assessments -Setting up advanced directives -Capital gain tax reduction strategies -Premium financing -Roth conversion alternative planning -Wealth management through Redwood Private Wealth
The tax reduction strategies and concepts include Charitable Planning. -Roth Conversion Alternative Planning. -Tax Efficient Retirement Income Planning. -Trust Planning for Retirees. -Trust Planning for Business owners. -Estate Tax Elimination. -Custom Design Defined -Benefit plans -Premium Finance for estate tax deduction. -Premium Finance to Leverage Gifts to Charities.
We help provide opportunities to increase revenue through... -Membership Sales -Tax Reduction Concepts and Strategies -Warm Market Relationships through New Members Provides Opportunities to -Split Cases from Wills and Trusts -AUM Association -Wills and Trusts -Annuities -Life Insurance
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