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#1 Myth: Improving What You Say Will Improve Your Close Rate

For over two decades, our system has successfully assisted advisors in their work. In today's digital landscape, we have identified three essential factors that greatly contribute to closing sales. The offer provided is so exceptional that your potential clients would regret not taking advantage of it.

Myth #2 Product Knowledge Is All One Needs to be successful

To be highly compensated and to stand out above all competitors we must provide substantial value and increase our marketing to a national level. I mean after all, anyone with the ability to pass a test within a month or two can offer investment and insurance products.

Plan Fast With Return Scanning & Smart Questionnaires

Gathering client data for over a thousand strategies would be difficult without RTS smart questionnaires and tax return scanning. Our scanning technology makes it easy to scan a client’s tax return to gather their prior year tax information.

Then, finish your tax plan by collecting additional data in a smart questionnaire. Our questionnaires react to client inputs, delving deeper when needed while omitting unnecessary questions.

Adjust Your Tax Calculation for Accuracy Based on Hundreds of Form Inputs

While most tax preparation and planning tools perform only one calculation, RTS tax planner software uses six calculations for maximum accuracy.

Analyze prior year, current year and future year tax scenarios before and after applying tax planning across federal, state and local tax forms.

Better yet, RTS allows you to see how a change in one entity affects other entities, making it the first multi-entity tax planning software available.

Create Professional Tax Proposals & Plans for Your Clients

RTS tax planner software for accountants compiles your customized tax planning strategy and recommendations into a custom-branded, ready-to-send PDF file that contains the following:

Be Confident in Your Tax Plans With Dedicated Support Resources

RTS is built by certified public accountants, tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and other industry experts. Our team researches strategies, then creates the content, calculations and software you need to provide your clients with the best tax planning experience possible.

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